Prescription Pads Advise Patients To Exercise


Exercise Is Medicine

New Prescription Pads Recommend Physical Activity as Part of Overall Health Message


MONTPELIER, Vt. – As flu clinics canvas the state with preventative shots this season, The Vermont Governor’s Council has a new program intended to boost wellness for Vermonters – and filling this prescription is free. The Vermont Governor’s Council has equipped the state’s 1,460 practicing physicians and chiropractors with a simple, yet impactful message, “Exercise is Medicine.” The prescription pad includes the message, “Physical Activity = Good Health = Good Medicine,” with a list of statewide and national resources including,,, and

“I meet with patients daily, mostly to help them lose weight and these prescription pads are very useful,” Nancy Schaefer, health coach for the Vermont Blueprint for Health at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, said.

In addition to the prescription pads, physicians and chiropractors received a letter from the Governor’s Council emphasizing the importance of exercise for preventing and treating diseases including obesity, coronary artery disease, depression and anxiety; as well as encouraging that they recommend physical activity to their patients.

“As a natural and warranted extension of the Council’s wellness programs, including worksite wellness and youth and senior initiatives, these prescription notepads make it simple for our state’s medical care community to explain to Vermonters that exercise is medicine,” Dr. David Butsch, general surgeon at The Central Vermont Hospital and veteran Council member, said. “Side effects of physical activity include a stronger immune system, fewer chronic diseases, less aches and pains, and an overall feeling of wellbeing – that makes for happier, healthier Vermonters.”

The next order of business on the Council’s outreach to the medical community includes outfitting all nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants with a supply of Exercise is Medicine notepads.



Chika - September 26, 2015 - 5:18 am

Lack of exercise and worry/stress are soeuris obstacles to staying healthy. It is not possible to completely rid oneself of worry or stress and still be alive, so it is very important to help people learn ways to work through stress, worry or difficult situations. Counseling, seminars, workshops would be beneficial. Hold an expo fair to offer opportunities to get involved by joining or volunteering. Involvement that includes exercise, compassion, friendship is one way to elevate one’s spirit and helps a person cope with the tough situations in life. This might be charity foundations that run/walk like; NF Endurance, Leukemia/Lymphoma/ Determination, etc., there are many to choose from that may touch a part of someones’ life. This might be foundations that need volunteers; food shelf, humane society, Habitat, children’s hospitals, local zoo, etc. People may enjoy walking around, interviewing and talking with foundations and organizations all in one location and possibly finding a perfect fit for their self.

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